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Wholesale Ordering Info

We are a wholesale company only -  all buyers must submit a tax ID number prior to being approved to order product. Tax ID numbers must be emailed to .  

Our online order requirement is $50.00.  

If your back-order falls below $50.00 it may be cancelled without notification.


~  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer for all orders under $500.00.  Shipping is determined  by weight,                 dimension, and destination of the package.  


~  We ship only in the  U.S.


~  On average orders are shipped within 7-10 business days. Orders are shipped from Cuba, MO. 65453 


~  Mary Ann's recommends shipping via USPS &/or UPS .  However those within driving range, we do offer direct pick up.

~  If you have any question please email us at 

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